Subjects Offered

The subjects offered at NorthGate College provide the basis for a variety of career path options. Students are exposed to the different subject areas before selecting the foundational courses that will begin their chosen or preferred academic track. Read More

Curriculum Philosophy

2016_ngc-students1The NorthGate College process places a great emphasis on personal development of which academic achievement is a sub-set. To this end there are several deliberate strategies which are undertaken to ensure that the corporate student body emerges as a purpose-filled, confident community of adults skilled in every sphere of human endeavour with the capacity for global impact. Read More

External Examinations

NorthGate College Student Studying

NorthGate College prepares students for CSEC Ordinary Level Courses and CAPE Advanced Level Courses. Read More

Extracurricular Activities

northgate_basketball2In order to achieve the full scope of our curriculum philosophy, NorthGate College presents student with a range of Extra Curricular activities. Read More