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    About NorthGate

    NorthGate College (NGC) seeks to engineer a quality learning environment that goes far beyond an academic experience. NGC provides students with knowledge and experience that will endure throughout their lives. NGC students must be drawn by their sight of a preferred future that is not necessarily shaped by the past or limited by their present circumstances. Read on »

    The Progression of NGC Virtual

    It has been officially one year since the nation-wide lockdown in March 2020 due to the spread of Covid-19. This radical change birthed the launch of NGC Virtual. This online environment opened a door to a fresh perspective on education that filtered into our virtual halls. As a result, there were many firsts for us as a college: Virtual Labs, Virtual Parents Day, Virtual Sports Team Activities, and Virtual Morning Assemblies just to name a few. Even parents participated in the Virtual 5K, while other parents sat in on the Virtual Assemblies! A couple of parents also admitted to listening in on a few of the classes and were surprised to have learned quite a lot. Students, Staff, and Parents all adapted together, embracing change and flexibility whilst the College ensured that the values embedded in its foundations remain secure.

    Fully operating in an online environment, teachers championed the trial of countless applications and successfully implemented those that were suitable to the students’ needs. New software and applications supplemented previously utilized platforms, such as Google Classroom. Kahoot, JamBoard, Sway, Quizizz, Loom, Nearpod, Wizer, etc, were used to augment class sessions and engage the students. Class time was not only enjoyable but exposed the students to new ways of learning and interfacing with one another. Though the so-called “Zoom fatigue” was a real challenge, the teachers found fun and exciting ways to bring balance to their students’ learning experience with different educational games and exercises. Fun-Fact Friday trivia, held during Friday Morning Assemblies, were always looked forward to by the students as form classes were pitted against each other, fighting for bragging rights to be called the most well-informed class. Fun topics from Song titles to Trinidad and Tobago’s famous locations were quizzed, producing much laughter and cheer as the students and teachers bonded with each other.

    What a year it has been! Through all of the challenges, neither the students nor the teachers have cowered under the pressures of the new normal, rather they have all become more resilient and adapted beautifully. As we look forward to the future, we take the learnings and newly acquired skills into the next phase of NorthGate College. Our perspective is “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won”, and we have certainly worked through the challenges and discovered many opportunities that have enhanced our education model.

    NGC Virtual: Successful Launch and Continuation

    Due to the onset of a Covid-19 pandemic, government restrictions were enforced in order to curb the spread, thus closing all educational institutions at the end of March 2020. As a result, NGC Virtual was successfully launched on April 27th and it exceeded all expectations. At the end of the first week of virtual classes, our Director Yolande La Pierre expressed, “It was wonderful to be back out and interact with the students again. There were so many firsts to celebrate this week: virtual assembly, online classes, class-wide sing-alongs, homeroom group calls, photography sessions, starting a kitchen garden sessions, form-wide physical education, drama sessions, and the list goes on. I am looking forward to what week 2 will bring!” The sacrifice and outpouring of special skills from our teachers and many workshop facilitators that contributed to the students’ holistic development and learning was highly appreciated. The workshops and classes were fun, diverse, and well-rounded due to the sacrificial nature of the many facilitators and teachers that were determined to offer quality education to the students of NorthGate College. For this, we are eternally grateful! Here is a link to a video with the many highlights of NGC Virtual. CLICK HERE

    With the ‘Stay at Home’ restrictions, our school’s lab was not available for the science students to complete experiments. However, with a little creativity, labs were effectively conducted virtually! In the photo below, we highlight the Form 4 Biology students who conducted an experiment on enzymes, looking at the reaction between Hydrogen peroxide and Catalase (an enzyme found in potato).

    We said goodbye to our Form 5 and Upper Six students that completed the CSEC and CAPE examinations. This group has walked through the challenge of shifting goal posts with their CXC examinations, but they were ready! Their perseverance, commitment to process and determination to finish powered them through this examination. They received all the online support required from their teachers with NGC Virtual that enabled them to be confident in their assessments. We expect that they will all have glowing results and we look forward to the furtherance of their academic careers and their development as upstanding men and women of society.

    We are now looking forward to the first term of the new academic year 2020-2021 with our students on NGC Virtual. Those that would have been in Form 1 are now graduating to Form 2 and the upward mobility continues for the other forms. They are eager to advance to the next form class and engage with the new challenges and knowledge that their new context will bring.

    Sports Day 2020

    Accuracy, Impact, Destiny and Purpose are the names of the Sports Teams that engage in battle every year for the coveted title of ‘Sports Team Winner’. The teams take the bragging rights of this title very seriously as this can be seen in their determination to tackle each Pre-Sport sports and Sports Day event with great gusto! Teams meetings are filled with deliberate planning to develop a winning strategy for the pageantry, peer to peer encouragement to participate in every event possible is high, and there is a general display of support. Every student can give a convincing argument why their team is the best!  

    There was tangible excitement from early in the morning on 20th February when the Sports day was held this year. The teams placed the finishing touches on their costumes and props for the first event of the day; the pageantry. Curious onlookers, parents, relatives and staff members all eagerly awaited the start of this event as they were intrigued to see all that the students prepared.  For this year’s pageantry, the students had to artistically demonstrate the theme of ‘Facilitation’ – a key value at NGC. Congratulations to Team Accuracy for depicting a clear and entertaining presentation and emerging as this year’s winner of the Pageantry. 

    Novelty events and athletic games took off soon after the pageantry results. There was a definite surge of energy that was sustained until the end of the day. At the final tally, Team Impact copped first place as ‘Sports Day 2020 Winners’, followed by Team Accuracy, Team Destiny and Team Purpose. We tip our hats to the Victor Ludorum (lower and upper respectively), Tyler Williamson and Jeremiah Taylor-Bernard, Victrix Ludorum (lower and upper respectively), Amari Ash and Rayanne Radix for a job well done.

    It was another splendid day which could not have been a success without the support of our devoted parents, staff, and well-wishers and we express our gratitude for yet another opportunity to build together.

    NGC Student Leadership Induction Ceremony 2019

    It is always a joy to see the students in a process of transformation. As the students mature the leadership values that have been planted in their early years begin to bear fruit. The identification of student leaders every year affirms the unseen structures that have been built at NorthGate College (NGC).  Since its inception in 1999, NGC has stewarded the mandate of leadership development in our students, thus we craft an environment that facilitates this capacity through various expressions. One of these expressions is the Student Leadership Body. The Student Leadership process allows for personal development through the assignment of formal responsibilities to selected student leaders. They are keenly aware of the requirement to uphold the standards of the College as greater responsibility is placed on the students’ proverbial shoulders.

    Student Leaders 2019 flanked by Co-Chairman Dr Marlon Jameson and Director Yolande La Pierre

    While only a few were chosen from the student body, Dr Jameson made it very clear that the induction ceremony “is not a celebration of a few, but a celebration of us all”. As he explained that the students chosen, were selected to stand before the student body as exemplars, he encouraged the students to look at the nominated leaders’ restraint, decision making and how they operate before them as a platform upon which they can consider their own process of development. He expressed, “in the future some of you will be Student Leaders and gleaning from the current student leaders is part of your track of development.” This design of leadership development allows for the students to be inspired on a peer level by the same values and standards that are evident in the staff and leadership of NGC. The growth and development of the collective is the aim as NGC commits to continuing to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

    Left to Right: Deputy Head Prefect Immanuel Blake, Head Prefect Jonathan Grant and Deputy Head Prefect Alexandria Gittens

    Congratulations to NorthGate College Students on Excellent 2019 Results

    The NorthGate students, parents, guardians and staff were in celebratory mode this week as we received the results from the 2019 CXC CSEC and CAPE examinations. Once more the model of education practiced at the College has borne fruit: strong character development, hard work and diligence guarantee success. We celebrate this milestone and are confident that the graduates are amply prepared for the next leg of the journey.

    NGC Graduates at this year’s Graduation & Awards Ceremony

    The summary of the results can be found below:

    CAPE 2019 Results

    SubjectPercentage Pass Rate
    Art & Design100%
    Building & Mechanical Engineering Drawing100%
    Caribbean Studies100%
    Communication Studies100%
    Digital Media100%
    Environmental Science100%
    Information Technology100%
    Management of Business100%
    Pure Mathematics100%

    CSEC 2019 Results

    SubjectPercentage Pass Rate
    Additional Mathematics100%
    English A100%
    English B100%
    Human & Social Biology95%
    Information Technology100%
    Principles of Accounts100%
    Principles of Business100%
    Social Studies100%
    Technical Drawing100%
    Visual Arts 100%

    Graduation Ceremony 2019: NorthGate College Celebrates the Power of the Journey

    Yolande La Pierre, NorthGate College Director, addresses the audience at the Graduation and Awards Ceremony, Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, Thursday June 20th, 2019. PHOTO: RELATE STUDIOS

    Seventy-two newly minted graduates of NorthGate College crossed the stage at the Graduation and Awards Ceremony at Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, successfully completing their secondary school journey with a flourish.

    NorthGate College is an initiative of international faith-based non-profit organisation Congress WBN.  Founded in 1999 by Dr. Noel Woodroffe, it has since inspired other independent NorthGate schools in Jamaica, Kenya, Uganda, USA and Zambia.

    “There is something incredibly life-affirming and faith-building when you get to witness a hope, a dream, a vision, built from the ground up, become a manifest reality and reach a place of maturity. This is what we see when we look at NorthGate College, an example of journey that began accurately and remains strong today,” said Director Yolande La Pierre.  

    Dr. Kirt St. Bernard, Marshall of the Parliament, delivers the keynote at NorthGate College Graduation and Awards Ceremony, Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, on Thursday 20th June 2019. PHOTO: RELATE STUDIOS

    Dr. Kirt St. Bernard, Marshall of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago, delivered the keynote, emphasizing that making correct choices based upon values learnt is the only pathway to success.

    “Consider and envision your desired future. Draw a line into the future and hold the line,” he said.

    Dr. Marlon Jameson, Co-Chairman of NorthGate College, explained that the school’s consistent track record of academic success was also built on the foundation of consistent adherence to its original vision.

    “Our students have consistently obtained close to 100 per cent pass rates in CSEC and CAPE examinations, and have achieved national honours in debate, sports and music. But since its inception, the College has always placed a strong emphasis on full human development. The NorthGate College process goes beyond the usual academic material to include issues of manhood, womanhood and successful management of life in an age of globalisation.”

    In 2018, eight merit list honours from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) went to six NorthGate College students, for their performance at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) school-leaving tests. The merit list identifies the top ten students in the entire Caribbean in each subject offered at the CSEC and CAPE level. 

    In terms of academic success, 2019 has been no exeception. CSEC students achieved 95% to 100% pass rate in a range of core subjects, which far exceeds the national average. CAPE students achieved 100% pass rate in all 17 subjects.   

    The school’s holistic approach, with its emphasis on core character, academic excellence and extra-curricular activites, was on display throughout the year. The swim team copped first place in the co-ed category of the National Secondary Schools Aquatic Meet, while Lower Sixth student Charissa Payne won first place in the Integrity Commission’s national poster competition.

    Left to right, Award winners Ethan Wilson, Amaris John, Daniel Li, Christina Foster, and Zachary Joel at NorthGate College Graduation and Awards Ceremony, Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, on Thursday 20th June 2019. PHOTO: RELATE STUDIOS

    Head boy Ethan Wilson and head girl Christina Foster participated in the biennial Youth Parliamentary Debate. On graduation night, Wilson captured the Chairman’s Award for his high degree of integrity and character, while Foster received the NorthGate College Award for her consistent exemplification of the vision and mission of the school. 

    Zachary Joel, an upper school graduate, garnered the Business Award for his exceptional application in business studies, and also topped his class academically.

    Fifth form graduate Amaris John made the most of her year, placing fourth in the National Gas Company’s Essay Writing Competition, winning third place in the Children Authority Art and Video Competition, copping the school’s Digital Chronicles Award for her spearheading efforts in digitally documenting school life, and winning the lion’s share of the academic prizes in her class.

    The school’s Founding Director was on hand to present the Cecile Taylor Community Enhancement Award to sixth form student Daniel Li. But it was the current Director whose comment may have summed up the evening best, when she noted that every success earned by NorthGate College and its students came as a result of diligent application of effort and consistent adherence to principled choices.

    Director Yolande La Pierre addresses parents and graduates at Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, on Thursday 20th June 2019.

    “The journey that began as just one step in faith has become a track record of diligence, commitment and the faithfulness of God,” La Pierre said. “The future is filled with hope and the assurance that once we remain inside of this context God will continue to be with us and to make the forward journey even more beautiful.”

    Sports Day 2019

    The sheer exhilaration that surrounds NorthGate College’s Annual Sports Events leaves every parent, student, teacher and onlooker charged. Every pre-sport event increases the suspense as the  likelihood of who will be declared the winner is intensified. Which team will have bragging rights for the rest of the academic year? All of these forces of energy culminated on Thursday 28th February in a buzz of pure excitement expressed in the vivacious displays of the pageantry and the passion of our athletes.

    Sporting activities such as 100m, 200m, 400m Male and Female races, Dizzy Derby Team relay and the much anticipated Tug of War engendered eager participation. Parents and well-wishers were enthusiastically engaged with cheering, photography, video capture, and lots of laughter.

    Congratulations to Sarah Frederick who was the Lower School Victrix Ludorum, Jadon De Souza who was the Lower School Victor Ludorum, Rayanne Radix who was the Upper School Victrix Ludorum and Jeremiah Taylor-Bernard who was the Upper School Victor Ludorum. When the points were tallied, it was Team Impact who emerged victorious.

    Congratulations to all the teams as they demonstrated the heart of the College and represented the theme of the Sports Day: “Exactness”. The build up towards this highly anticipated day is geared towards stimulating greater relationships and camaraderie among the students and teachers. The day was indeed a success as they all submitted to the process with joy and relentless commitment.  Another excellent effort by the NorthGate College!

    Celebrating the 20 Year Journey

    On November 28th 2018, NorthGate College celebrated the start of our 20th year as a College with a dynamic soiree. The event showcased the fullness of what God has birthed in the NorthGate system and allowed current and past affiliates of the College to experience the rich life that is as a result of this 20 year journey.

    The programme included staged areas for viewing either exhibitions or performances from staff and students. A photo gallery beautifully painted the early beginnings, highlighting the growth and development experienced over the years yet never losing the rich values upon which NGC was built.


    An Art Gallery displayed the works completed by students ranging from Form 1 to Form 5, presenting varying levels of complexities, personal techniques and execution.

    Students performed spoken word pieces, dramatic presentations, modern dances in addition to other creative expressions along the theme.

    Montages, Video Presentations and Leadership perspectives were shared, past student interviews and current teachers’ musings allowed everyone to hear firsthand of the NorthGate journey. It was a joy to see and hear the different experiences of those that have walked through the halls of the college and to hear the heart of the leadership for the future of NorthGate.




    NorthGate College Students Shine in Caribbean Exams

    PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad. November 8, 2018—Eight merit list honours from the

    Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) have gone to a small private secondary school with a total population of just 300 students.

    Six students of NorthGate College were named on the CXC 2018 merit list, for their performance at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) school-leaving tests. The merit list identifies the top ten students in the entire Caribbean in each subject offered at the CSEC and CAPE level.

    At the CAPE level, Sebastian Rudden made the region’s top ten list for Pure Math and Physics, Brandon Wooding for Applied Math and Pure Math, Jeremy Edwards for Information Technology, Zachary Joel for Entrepreneurship, and Ethan Wilson for Building and Mechanical Engineering Drawing. At the CSEC level, Antenor Mohammed placed ninth overall in Principles of Accounts.

    Sebastian Rudden (right), Form Six Valedictorian of NorthGate College, receives the Chairman’s Award from Mr. Graham Taylor, Company Secretary, at the school’s graduation ceremony, held at Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, Trinidad on June 23, 2018. Photo courtesy: NorthGate College

    Among the six CXC honourees, three have also been awarded national scholarships by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for their outstanding CAPE performance. Sebastian Rudden and Brandon Wooding were awarded open scholarships, and Conrad Taitt received an additional scholarship. Rudden and Taitt excelled at Pure Math, Applied Math, Physics and Chemistry, while Wooding shone in Pure Math, Applied Math, Physics and Management of Business.

    Brandon Wooding (right) receives the Digital Chronicles Award from Mr Kevin Khelawan, Chief Operating Officer, Teleios Systems Limited, at the school’s graduation ceremony, held at Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, Trinidad on June 23, 2018. Photo courtesy: NorthGate College

    The trio made history, securing NorthGate College’s first national scholarships for academic merit since its inception in September 1999. Their upper sixth form class had only 17 students. The accomplishment highlights the small school’s long history of above-average academic achievement. All students have consistently obtained close to 100 per cent pass rates for subjects offered at the CAPE and Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) levels.

    “Over the last two decades, NorthGate has produced tangible and substantial results, and it has done so consistently in spite of operational constraints, human resource limitations and financial challenges. It is clear that God is with us, operating through the school’s systems to produce beneficial divine impact in the lives of these young people. NorthGate College is walking in the midst of a divine miracle,” said Dr Noel Woodroffe, the school’s founder and chairman, and President of Congress WBN, a faith-based organisation with operations in more than 100 nations.

    “In particular, the entire NorthGate College community is proud of the achievement of Sebastian and Brandon and Conrad in the 2018 CAPE examinations. I expect these young men to continue to faithfully represent the core values imparted to them, as they have done consistently during their time as students,” he added.

    “The success of our three scholarship winners is validation that our holistic approach to education produces results in an accurate community context. The input of staff, fellow students and collaborative partners is invaluable in creating the context for students to thrive,” said Yolande La Pierre, Director of NorthGate College.

    She added that the scholarly pursuit occurs within a framework that puts an emphasis on all-round development through extra-curricular activities.

    “Our Trinidad campus has become a model for high-quality, holistic and balanced education, inspiring other independent NorthGate schools, one each in Jamaica, Uganda, USA and Zambia, and two in Kenya,” said Dr. Marlon Jameson, Co-Chairman of NorthGate College, and an Executive Attaché to the Congress WBN President.

    The three scholarship winners could hardly be better examples. Between them, the three had served in top student leadership positions and had consistently represented the school at a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

    “It has been an amazing journey. I am exceedingly grateful to God, NorthGate College and my parents for crafting an environment which allowed me to grow and achieve this milestone,” Taitt said.

    Conrad Taitt (right), received his NorthGate College graduation certificate from Camille Wooding, Managing Director, TSG Consulting Limited at the school’s graduation ceremony, held at Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, Trinidad on June 23, 2018. Photo courtesy: NorthGate College

    “NorthGate College has been a formative process for me. My sixth form journey in particular challenged me to greater levels of maturity as I had to balance my academics with leadership responsibilities. I thank God for the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school and for the culmination of my journey, winning a national open scholarship,” Wooding said.

    Rudden plans to major in biomedical engineering at Columbia University, New York.

    “There are several diseases that I think should just not exist, and I want to fix these. Further, I have a particular desire to provide treatment to those people in society who are underprivileged and to aid developing nations in the provision of the best healthcare to all.”

    This history-making trio are now looking forward to a bright future.


    Well Done NGC: CSEC and CAPE Results 2018

    Once again, our students and staff were rewarded abundantly as a result of their hard work and diligence over the years. The students at both the CAPE and CSEC levels in 2018 have performed exceptionally well. We celebrate the journey that has brought them to this milestone and are confident that the values and principles learnt will prepare them for the next leg of their journey.


    CAPE 2018 Results

    Subject Percentage Pass Rate
    Accounting 100%
    Applied Mathematics 100%
    Biology 100%
    Building & Mechanical Engineering Drawing 100%
    Caribbean Studies 100%
    Chemistry 100%
    Communication Studies 100%
    Digital Media 100%
    Entrepreneurship 100%
    Environmental Science 100%
    Information Technology 100%
    Management of Business 100%
    Physics 100%
    Pure Mathematics 100%
    Sociology 100%


    CSEC 2018 Results

    Subject Percentage Pass Rate
    Additional Mathematics 100%
    Biology 100%
    Chemistry 95%
    English A 100%
    English B 92%
    French 89%
    Geography 100%
    Human & Social Biology 96%
    Information Technology 100%
    Mathematics 96%
    Principles of Accounts 100%
    Principles of Business 100%
    Physics 90%
    Social Studies 100%
    Spanish 100%
    Technical Drawing 100%
    Visual Arts 100% 50%