Accuracy, Impact, Destiny and Purpose are the names of the Sports Teams that engage in battle every year for the coveted title of ‘Sports Team Winner’. The teams take the bragging rights of this title very seriously as this can be seen in their determination to tackle each Pre-Sport sports and Sports Day event with great gusto! Teams meetings are filled with deliberate planning to develop a winning strategy for the pageantry, peer to peer encouragement to participate in every event possible is high, and there is a general display of support. Every student can give a convincing argument why their team is the best!  

There was tangible excitement from early in the morning on 20th February when the Sports day was held this year. The teams placed the finishing touches on their costumes and props for the first event of the day; the pageantry. Curious onlookers, parents, relatives and staff members all eagerly awaited the start of this event as they were intrigued to see all that the students prepared.  For this year’s pageantry, the students had to artistically demonstrate the theme of ‘Facilitation’ – a key value at NGC. Congratulations to Team Accuracy for depicting a clear and entertaining presentation and emerging as this year’s winner of the Pageantry. 

Novelty events and athletic games took off soon after the pageantry results. There was a definite surge of energy that was sustained until the end of the day. At the final tally, Team Impact copped first place as ‘Sports Day 2020 Winners’, followed by Team Accuracy, Team Destiny and Team Purpose. We tip our hats to the Victor Ludorum (lower and upper respectively), Tyler Williamson and Jeremiah Taylor-Bernard, Victrix Ludorum (lower and upper respectively), Amari Ash and Rayanne Radix for a job well done.

It was another splendid day which could not have been a success without the support of our devoted parents, staff, and well-wishers and we express our gratitude for yet another opportunity to build together.