NGC National and International Achievements

At NorthGate College our students are constantly reminded that true success is measured not only by academic performance but by the quality of character that is exhibited when they engage in everyday activities. The consistent application of our shared values across diverse extracurricular areas produces strong character development and an impeccable standard, evidenced in the achievements highlighted below.



2011 –2018  Tidal Wave National Secondary Schools Swim Meet: 1st place winners co-ed

2015 – T&T Triathlon Federation Secondary Schools Triathlon: 2nd place

2015 – T&T Hockey Board Secondary Schools East Zone Tournament: 1st place

2016 – T&T Triathlon Federation Secondary Schools Duathlon: 3rd place winners in over 16 and under 13

2017 – ASATT National Secondary Schools Meet: 1st place winners co-ed


We had the honour of NorthGate College students representing the region at international tournaments, when our track athletes were selected for the CARIFTA games in 2014. Two of our athletes were subsequently selected to represent Trinidad & Tobago at the 2015 Pan Am Games in hockey and water polo. In 2016, two of our students were selected for the National Hockey Team for the PanAm Games and in 2017, two of our athletes represented Trinidad & Tobago in the CARIFTA Triathlon.

Creative Arts

2011 – two students’ work was selected for the public exhibition ‘Art to Protest Violence Against Women’ at the Central Bank Auditorium

2013 – National Secondary Schools Dance Festival: one of our students took 2nd place female senior solo performer

2014 – T&T Secondary Schools Film Festival: 2nd place ‘Best Cultural Film’ for the piece ‘T&T Evolved’

2015 – T&T Secondary Schools Film Festival: a student creation entitled ‘Timeless’ swept the awards with the prizes for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Social Awareness.

Critical Thinking


2011 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Future Young Diplomats Essay:” 2nd and 3rd place winners

2012 – AMCHAM National Youth Productivity Forum: Best Business Team

2012 – RBC Young Leaders’ Debate Champions

2012 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Future Young Diplomats Essay:” 3rd place winner

2013 – AMCHAM National Youth Productivity Forum: 2nd place Government Team

2013 – University of the West Indies COTE (Conference on the Economy) Best of the Best Debates: 1st place

2014 – AMCHAM National Youth Productivity Forum: 2nd place Civil Society Team

2014 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Future Young Diplomats Essay:” 3rd place winner

2015 – AMCHAM National Youth Productivity Forum: 2nd place Labour Team

2015 – RBL ‘The Ultimate Teen Debate:” 1st place

2015 – RBC Young Leaders Debate: First Runner-Up

2017 – LSA National Secondary Schools’ Debate: 3rd place

2017 – UWI COTE ‘Best of the Best Debate:’ 2nd place

2018 – UWI Faculty of Law Human Rights ‘Moot Competition:’ 2nd place

2018 – AMCHAM Youth Productivity Forum: 1st place as Government perspective reps


In the years 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 United World Colleges selected NorthGate College students for scholarships to attend their campuses and complete an International Baccalaureate. There were only five scholarships for the country and in each case our students won one of the slots because of their critical thinking skills. The students pursued post-secondary studies at UWC in New Mexico, Swaziland and Germany.

Science & Technology


2010 – Blink Tech Combat 2nd place winners

2014 – First Citizens Neo Digital Competition: One of our F6 students copped the Young Animator prize


2014 – Winners of Cubes in Space: Our younger students stunned the country by creating a payload to be launched into space with Rubics and iDoodle Cubes in Space International competition. Our group of 13 and 14 year olds created an experiment to test the electromagnetic sphere and copped the 1st place prize.

2017 – FIRST Lego League Robotics Competition: Core Values Award

2018 – Sebastian Rudden selected as the scholarship recipient by the NIHERST and the US Embassy to attend the National Youth Science Camp in West Virginia (USA) as the country representative for Trinidad and Tobago.