On November 28th 2018, NorthGate College celebrated the start of our 20th year as a College with a dynamic soiree. The event showcased the fullness of what God has birthed in the NorthGate system and allowed current and past affiliates of the College to experience the rich life that is as a result of this 20 year journey.

The programme included staged areas for viewing either exhibitions or performances from staff and students. A photo gallery beautifully painted the early beginnings, highlighting the growth and development experienced over the years yet never losing the rich values upon which NGC was built.


An Art Gallery displayed the works completed by students ranging from Form 1 to Form 5, presenting varying levels of complexities, personal techniques and execution.

Students performed spoken word pieces, dramatic presentations, modern dances in addition to other creative expressions along the theme.

Montages, Video Presentations and Leadership perspectives were shared, past student interviews and current teachers’ musings allowed everyone to hear firsthand of the NorthGate journey. It was a joy to see and hear the different experiences of those that have walked through the halls of the college and to hear the heart of the leadership for the future of NorthGate.