The Institute of Structural Engineers (IStructE) annual Secondary School Design and Build competition was held at JFK auditorium on Saturday 28th January 2017. The aim of the competition was to design and build a bridge out of spaghetti and marshmallows that would hold at least 100grams over a 30cm gap. All schools represented came prepared with elaborate drawings and plans of their bridges. The level of preparation and the various approaches displayed, created a great learning environment and experience for all students involved.


Our six students: Aaron Payne, Timothy Gooding, Charise Laveau, Tahj Ramudth, Kai Fairman and Yuying Jiang represented NorthGate very well. Their bridge surpassed the minimum weight requirement and withstood up to 1263 grams! The team placed 11th out of 35 schools. We are very proud that the team took ownership of the process and relentlessly worked on their unique plan and exceeded their expectations.