As I began to prepare this report foremost on my mind was the current state of the world of education. I consider it an honour to be in the world at this particular juncture in time. I consider it to be an even greater honour to be part of the NorthGate College community at this time. As a member of this community one has an interesting vantage point on the world as a whole but even more so of education. One can focus on media reports of failing systems, teacher burn-out, inappropriate teacher-student interface, increasing school based violence, male aggression, declining grades and come to the conclusion that there is only emptiness and perplexity. Such a view will instil fear and invoke that innate desire to guard oneself from harm. One can listen to the opinions of some colleagues in education or in hear the comments from the general public about ‘young people who have no behaviour’ or ‘the youths who are heartless’ and begin to allow the cynicism and hopelessness to seep into your consciousness. Such a view is designed to make one sink into a subconscious world – do the tasks by rote ‘all things will continue as they are – nothing will ever change’. One can view the world from that perspective or view it through the lens of a NorthGate College educator.

From our perspective the world of education is not in shambles. We believe in what we do because more than a place where one can become certified, NorthGate College is a platform for hope. I invite you to take a view of the world from our vantage point. What do we see?:

This is why we do what we do at NorthGate College, because beyond the academic results – we look for the real substance. The values are the 9/10s of who we are, the outward parts are just the 1/10 on the surface. So as we examine the different facets of this year’s Director’s report, let us keep this at the forefront of our minds: we celebrate the results that we do see because of the undergirding principles that we cannot see.


NorthGate College has always maintained a healthy academic record: our statistics in key disciplines often meet and exceed the national and regional norm. The year 2008-2009 was no different.

The CSEC subjects in which the class attained a 75% pass rate were:

In which the class had an 85% pass rate:

In which there was a 90% pass rate:

In which there was a 100% pass rate:

At the CAPE level the subjects in which there was an 80% pass rate:

The subject at which there was a 95% pass rate:

The following subjects had a 100% pass rate:

We are always pleased when the students apply themselves do the work and get the results. Graduands – the gauntlet has been dropped; this is your legacy we expect no less of you and we are confident that you will so do.

Subject Additions: this year we were able to source the funds to build an additional laboratory so that we could add two other subjects to our complement; CAPE Biology and Chemistry. We were happy to increase our subject offerings and more so to enlist the help of our collaborative partners Mrs Maria Wong and Mrs Coleen Berment at St Josephs Convent as we seek to have an excellent start for this year’s exam results.


None of these results and the lessons learnt could have been done without the assistance of the best staff in the world!

This year we added five persons to our faculty: Mrs Liz Ann Lamont-Harper [English, Caribbean Studies and Drama] Mrs Ruth Rudden [Mathematics], Mrs Elizabeth Beckford [Music and Phys Ed] and Ms Christal Yorke [Spanish], Mrs Valiscia Tobias-Young [Chemistry]. Each of these ladies has added a unique flavour and expertise to the staff – we are so glad to have them engrafted into the NorthGate Community.

We also celebrated the return of Mrs Karla Williamson to the Mathematics department.

Alas, we also bid adieu to one of our long standing and faithful members; Mr Curt Bowman was presented an opportunity to pursue a job in the medical field; something he always wanted to explore. Mr. Bowman was our Science and Biology teacher for 8 years.  Even as he left his post last week Friday he came to the office to see me to advise that he was only a phone call away and that he would be thrilled to come to do lectures when they can fit in with his new schedule. That is an NGC staff member! We wish him well in his new profession, in fact at present he is in Panama that is why he is not with us this evening, but we know that he will be back with frequent visits because you can check out of NorthGate but never leave!

On the note of staff recognition and genuine NGC branding I would like to publicly acknowledge those members who have become a permanent part of the Northgate College fabric. Though this not a long service awards ceremony we must take time to honour the commitment and dedication of our staff members who celebrate more than ten [10] years service this year: Mrs Natasha Smith, Mr Curtis Forbes and Mrs Patricia John Baptiste. Ms Kay Battersby the longest standing office admin person. We commend them for their tireless service to the NGC community and by extension to the nation.


This year we participated in many activities and performed commendably:

Co-Curricular/Extra Curricular Additions:

We continue to have a full spread of co-curricular activities to complement the academic offerings;

New Initiatives

What an amazing year this academic year has been and even as we round this one off to a close we gaze into NGC 2010-2011 and beyond. So what do we see for NorthGate College as we peer into the next year?

In short, we see NorthGate College continuing to do what we have been raised up to do – have an Impact Through Education

I thank you.