This year NorthGate College launched its first ‘Triple M: Mufty Day, Mathazaar and Munchies!’ the children were thoroughly excited, as the Form 5 graduating class collaborated with the Math Department to set up a Math based bazaar which allowed all and sundry to test their Math skills.

Mathazaar 1

The teachers and students joined forces to make an engaging learning environment, filled with many math games and activities like Mathonopoly, Fraction Riddles, Algebra Dominos. Prizes were given for those who emerged as the Math whizzes on the day.

Mathazaar 2

The atmosphere was filled with fun, laughter and deep concentration on the activities at hand. There was an evident energy in the Mathazaar: the music, the face painting, the photo booth, the food, and the activities. A fun time was had by all and we left with our Math skills exponentially sharpened.

Mathazaar 4