Sports Day is surely one of the most anticipated events on the NGC calendar. If one were to walk the corridors of the College, students will not hesitate to declare their team the best. It is the time when individuality goes out the door and teamwork is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.
Pre-Sports PreparationsThis is clearly evident during the annual pre sports events. Teams get a chance to earn points by competing in football, cricket, the academic relay, the road race and aerobathon. Events were crafted to target different aspects of individual abilities and not just the athletic! Students from each team, excelling academically from form 1 all the way up to form 6, got to pit their knowledge and analytical skills against each other to see which team would emerge as the Academic Relay Champs 2016.

Pre-Sports_Academic Relay

Perennial underdogs Accuracy grabbed top honours in the Academic Relay, Aerobathon and trounced all challengers as they dominated the top ten of the road race. Impact and Destiny won the football and Cricket respectively while Purpose, usually the team to beat, were yet to find their stride.


Every year at the Sports Day, the students get the opportunity to dramatically express the theme of the day. This year’s theme was “Revisiting the Foundations”. The sports teams depicted their best interpretation and understanding of the theme, through dance, song, monologues, props and banners. The presentations highlighted the many principles which underscore the 9/10s of the College from inception; these are the truth which have made our foundations strong. It was a spectacular production that displayed the creative minds and the dramatic inclinations of the students. Team Accuracy’s performance and execution received the nod of approval from our distinguished judges.

Accuracy Pagentry

This year, Team Accuracy came with new found energy that could not be stopped. They copped First place for the races and novelty events! Much to their delight they rose from being the gracious team that would congratulate the winners for many years to the team that attained both major titles for this year’s Sports day: Pageantry winner and overall Sports day Winner! Congratulations to the team!

Sports Day_All Teams

The students and teachers alike, look forward to the interaction and the friendly rivalry. Though the external activity may translate into races, pageantry, fun and excitement, everything that is done in NorthGate College is filled with purpose and geared toward the shaping of characters and personal development. Our Sports day emphasizes the building of camaraderie, collaboration and team spirit. All the teams did an exceptional job, proving that the underlying blocks of principles that are espoused everyday are taking root in their lives and producing excellent fruit.