It is always a joy to see the students in a process of transformation. As the students mature the leadership values that have been planted in their early years begin to bear fruit. The identification of student leaders every year affirms the unseen structures that have been built at NorthGate College (NGC).  Since its inception in 1999, NGC has stewarded the mandate of leadership development in our students, thus we craft an environment that facilitates this capacity through various expressions. One of these expressions is the Student Leadership Body. The Student Leadership process allows for personal development through the assignment of formal responsibilities to selected student leaders. They are keenly aware of the requirement to uphold the standards of the College as greater responsibility is placed on the students’ proverbial shoulders.

Student Leaders 2019 flanked by Co-Chairman Dr Marlon Jameson and Director Yolande La Pierre

While only a few were chosen from the student body, Dr Jameson made it very clear that the induction ceremony “is not a celebration of a few, but a celebration of us all”. As he explained that the students chosen, were selected to stand before the student body as exemplars, he encouraged the students to look at the nominated leaders’ restraint, decision making and how they operate before them as a platform upon which they can consider their own process of development. He expressed, “in the future some of you will be Student Leaders and gleaning from the current student leaders is part of your track of development.” This design of leadership development allows for the students to be inspired on a peer level by the same values and standards that are evident in the staff and leadership of NGC. The growth and development of the collective is the aim as NGC commits to continuing to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Left to Right: Deputy Head Prefect Immanuel Blake, Head Prefect Jonathan Grant and Deputy Head Prefect Alexandria Gittens