Those who teach others, must first teach themselves; those who impart to others, must own the thing they wish to impart. The teachers at NorthGate College do not take this lightly and so, as is the custom, this academic year began for the staff of NorthGate long before the students themselves graced the gates of the College.  For five days, members of staff met to be envisioned and equipped for the year ahead.

Director and Staff in SMART Room during Professional Development Training

The Co-Chairman of the College, Dr. Marlon Jameson, met with members of staff where he led them in consideration of the purpose of the establishment of the College and the heart and structures necessary in fulfilling this purpose.  The Director, Ms. Yolande La Pierre, then shared The Hidden 9/10 that make the College work.  Other areas covered were: The Form Teacher: Guardian of the Culture; Departmental Collaboration; Lesson Planning with a Values Base in Mind and; ICT Infusion in the Classroom.

Teaching is a profession that must be treated as such.  Educating the nation’s children is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, as seen by the thorough and strategic manner in which the NGC staff prepares for each academic year.