In April 2012, the NGC English Department threw out yet another challenge to the students.  Team WordsWorth brought together groups of competitors from the schools’ sports teams.  This was a creative way to challenge the students’ gift of gab, and literary prowess, while at the same time bringing them to new levels of appreciation of the beauty of language.

Students mulling over possible answers

The categories were: Homophones, Local Sayings, NGC Talk, Flash Card and Poetic License.  These areas required dexterity of hands and minds and much teamwork!  There was also lots of vociferous and vivacious support for team representatives as the students barely could restrain themselves as they realized they knew some of the answers.  As with all things NorthGate, a fantastic learning time was had by all, and all left eagerly anticipating the Spanish and French Spelling Bee and The Ultimate Math Challenge to come in the following months!!

The winning team – Destiny – working together