Dr. Marlon Jameson, co-chairman of NorthGate College, Ms Yolande La Pierre, Director of NorthGate College, Mr. Bevil Wooding, our esteemed guest speaker, specially invited guests, teachers, parents, friends of NorthGate College and the graduating class of 2012, I extend a warm good evening to all.

A couple weeks ago, June the 12th to be exact, I received a text from my Mother which stated, “Mrs. Smith has been trying to reach you”. Immediately, I thought to myself, “I’m probably just needed to help out at school tomorrow. I doubt I’m in trouble. Am I? I mean, I haven’t done anything wrong…….recently.” As I continued to ponder, the phone began to ring. It was a strange number. I confidently answered, only to be greeted by Mrs. Smith. After a generic exchange of greetings, she got straight to the point. “You have been chosen to be this year’s valedictorian”. The moment she said that, I thought “Is this some kind of punishment? I must have really crossed the line this time”. At the time I had not yet fully grasped the honor that had been bestowed upon me.

So here I am and here we are; the Graduating class of 2012. Forms 5 and Upper 6, what an amazing year group! This is where we say farewell, as we embark on new and challenging journeys joining ranks with our many outstanding counterparts who have exited these walls before us.

You see, exceptional individuals have always passed through gates of this school but none such as those who have been raised up in these classes. Who could forget the enchanting Form 6 dinner last year where the females of the class such as Cher Best or Asia O’neill left us guys awestruck with their stunning dresses and styles, or the intense pre-sports ‘rap’ session with Titre Gibson, Daniel Tenia and some other friends, where they each showed off their refined poetic skills. I think I speak for everyone when I say ‘These people will not be forgotten’. As for those of us who are here right now, I can say that we are proud of ourselves and one another for finishing the long and arduous journey.

NorthGate College Graduates