The sheer exhilaration that surrounds NorthGate College’s Annual Sports Events leaves every parent, student, teacher and onlooker charged. Every pre-sport event increases the suspense as the  likelihood of who will be declared the winner is intensified. Which team will have bragging rights for the rest of the academic year? All of these forces of energy culminated on Thursday 28th February in a buzz of pure excitement expressed in the vivacious displays of the pageantry and the passion of our athletes.

Sporting activities such as 100m, 200m, 400m Male and Female races, Dizzy Derby Team relay and the much anticipated Tug of War engendered eager participation. Parents and well-wishers were enthusiastically engaged with cheering, photography, video capture, and lots of laughter.

Congratulations to Sarah Frederick who was the Lower School Victrix Ludorum, Jadon De Souza who was the Lower School Victor Ludorum, Rayanne Radix who was the Upper School Victrix Ludorum and Jeremiah Taylor-Bernard who was the Upper School Victor Ludorum. When the points were tallied, it was Team Impact who emerged victorious.

Congratulations to all the teams as they demonstrated the heart of the College and represented the theme of the Sports Day: “Exactness”. The build up towards this highly anticipated day is geared towards stimulating greater relationships and camaraderie among the students and teachers. The day was indeed a success as they all submitted to the process with joy and relentless commitment.  Another excellent effort by the NorthGate College!