At NorthGate College there is such rich life that is experienced on an on-going basis that we relish the opportunity to present a sample to parents and guardians at the end of year concert. While some of the students have natural talent there are many avenues to refine their natural skill through the opportunities presented via the co-curricular activities.  Parents, guardians and well-wishers attend the concert to see first-hand the core of who we are through dance, song, spoken word, musical expression and drama. The Hidden 9/10s Concert, represented by the image of an iceberg, has become an iconic event for revealing the hidden mass of what makes us NorthGate College.

The program was divided into 3 themes that creatively displayed the values that are embedded in the college: Courage & Resolve, Balance & Harmony, Community & Connectedness. Each performance not only gave greater insight into the values highlighted but also the behind the scenes efforts of our students who volunteered to apply make-up on the performers, serve as stage hands and ushers for the event. Even the staff stepped on stage to perform the closing act – a talkalypso that expressed the staff’s appreciation for the students and their joyful sacrifice to ensure that each student realizes their full potential.

There are so many factors that constitutes a successful concert.  While the concert was enjoyed by all, the success of the evening was seeing the genuine family structure that is NorthGate College on full display. All parents were in awe at the atmosphere and the feeling of being a part of something that is much vaster than the eye can see.