There is always a buzz of excitement and anticipation that surrounds the NorthGate College’s Sports day. Energy levels intensify everyday as the students engage in the pre-sports activities. From the Academic Relay, to the Aerobathon, all four teams are well represented and the team t-shirts are worn with pride.

Each activity accumulates points towards the overall performance of the teams on Sports day. The students actively prepare for the pageantry, races, and novelty events all in an effort to walk away with the bragging rights to be the best team.

Many parents attend our Annual Sports Day and are delighted each year by the creativity and high-spirited atmosphere that the day holds. The pageantry reflected this year’s theme of “Wisdom vs Folly”, the principles and practical examples that the students displayed gave assurance and confidence to each viewer of the values being built in the lives of their children. It was truly a wonderful sight to experience the students’ understanding of these principles in a creative and entertaining format.

Team Accuracy, with an almost perfect sweep grabbed top honours in the majority of the pre-sports events: Academic Relay, Road Race, Aerobathon and Football. Team Impact exhibited exceptional form as they won the Cricket tournament. Accuracy however, did not stop there, but went on to cop first place overall on Sports Day! Congratulations to all the teams as they demonstrated strength of will and strength of community. Though the students were placed in different teams, they cheered and supported each other admirably. The sense of togetherness and camaraderie was palpable and the driving force behind an exceptional day.