NorthGate College students engaged in playful and meaningful learning while helping them discover the fun in science and technology, at the FIRST LEGO League Trinidad and Tobago, hosted by the National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST), under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, and supported by Shell Trinidad Ltd. FIRST LEGO is widely recognised as a leading, not-for-profit STEM engagement program for kids worldwide. NorthGate College’s Robotics Team won the Gracious Professionalism Award, celebrating outstanding demonstration of FIRST Core Values such as continuous and working together both on and off the playing field.

Description of the Gracious Professionalism® Award Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

Celebrates outstanding demonstration of FIRST Core Values such as continuous Gracious Professionalism and working together both on and off the playing field.

Definition of Gracious Professionalism

  • Gracious Professionalism is part of the ethos of FIRST. It’s a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community.
  • with Gracious Professionalism, fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate notions.

Gracious professionals learn and compete like crazy, but treat one another with respect and kindness in the process. They avoid treating anyone like losers. No chest thumping tough talk, but no sticky-sweet platitudes either. Knowledge, competition, and empathy are comfortably blended.


  • The team exemplifies the FIRST Core Values in relationships with other teams and by their demonstrated Gracious Professionalism
  • The team consistently demonstrates Gracious Professionalism and a positive attitude both on and off the field.
  • If the team worked with another FIRST Robotics Competition team pre-season – they can describe the following:
    • How the collaboration was conducted during the off-season and during the build season
    • How the teams divided up tasks fairly and equitably
    • How the process of communication flowed from one team to the other
    • How working together as a group was beneficial over working independently
    • The financial impacts of working together vs working independently


Source: Read more about the FIRST LEGO Grace and Professionalism Award