Technology is always evolving and has found its way into every aspect of our lives. Thus, on Friday 20th January 2017 NorthGate College held its “Technology Tune Up”. The event created the opportunity for our students to learn about and interact with various forms of technology in a fun-filled way. The school plant was divided into 7 stations, allowing the students to interface with the technologies of our day, from robotics to entertainment to emerging technologies. Each room was abuzz with questions, comments and sheer excitement as minds were fully engaged for every presentation.

One of the stations included the ‘Robotics and Science’ segment presented by the National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST). Students were excited to participate in designing different robots. They learned to send commands to robotic devices and allow the robot to execute them while observing and interacting with technology that has assisted with several scientific breakthroughs.

NGC Tech 1

The students got exposure to drone technology and took the opportunity to take a drone on a test flight while recording images of the campus from above. 3D printing was another area of interest and all experienced an actual 3D printed key-ring move from an onscreen design to a tangible item they could use! Emerging technologies were on display through video updates presenting technologies in health, education, sport, transport and communication which provided the basis of much conversation throughout the event on how to use digital technology to our advantage.

The last segment came under the theme ‘Active Technology’ allowing students to broaden their scope of technology’s application in movement and general health. Classes buzzed in excitement seeing their friends gather in teams of 4 to compete against each other using the xBOX Kinect to engage simple and tricky dance moves and the Nintendo Wii Sports to play virtual tennis, golf and baseball.

NGC Tech 2

The event was a success. Students were not only able to engage with today’s technology in a fun yet meaningful way but it also inspired them to consider inventive ways technology can improve the quality of life in Trinidad and Tobago.

Check out the video report of this event on our YouTube Channel – NorthGate College Trinidad.