The CXC results for 2016 are out and once more the NorthGate model of values-based education has proven that character development goes hand in hand with academic success. The students at both the CAPE and CSEC levels have performed well. The 2016 cohort has continued the trend of solid academic performance celebrated by the College over the years. We commend the students and staff for the hard work, sacrifice, commitment and diligence which has produced much good fruit. The students are fully equipped to start the next phase of their lives and we are confident that they will do well.

NGC Graduates at the Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2016
NGC Graduates at the Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2016

Please view a summary of this year’s results in the tables below

CAPE Summary Table Results Pass Rate 2016

Biology 88%
Building & Mechanical Engineering 100%
Chemistry 88%
Caribbean Studies 100%
Digital Media 100%
Entrepreneurship 100%
Environmental Science 100%
Information Technology 100%
Literatures in English   100%
Physics 100%
Pure Math 75%
Sociology 100%

CSEC Summary Table Results Pass Rate

Additional  Math 90%
Biology 100%
Chemistry 92%
English A 94%
English B 90%
French 100%
Geography 94%
Human & Social Biology 82%
Information Technology 100%
Math 91%
POA 81%
POB 100%
Physics 100%
Social Studies 97%
Spanish 91%
Technical Drawing 100%
Visual Arts 100%