Graduation Ceremony 2018: NorthGate Students Craft Life One Choice at a Time

Globally, the formal education sector is facing a crisis of confidence, as there has been a sharp decline in the perceived value of academic institutions and formal qualifications. Even top students are becoming less sure that their school degrees are worth the time, money and effort. But the reassuring message of one secondary school Director […]

NGC Career Day 2018

NorthGate College Career Day 2018 was held on Friday 11 May.  Career Day at NGC is an initiative designed to provide an opportunity for the Form 3 and Form 4 students to deliberately and strategically reflect on career possibilities and begin to map their way forward.  The objective is to make the interaction as practical […]

NGC Sports Day 2018

There is always a buzz of excitement and anticipation that surrounds the NorthGate College’s Sports day. Energy levels intensify everyday as the students engage in the pre-sports activities. From the Academic Relay, to the Aerobathon, all four teams are well represented and the team t-shirts are worn with pride. Each activity accumulates points towards the […]

NorthGate College’s Debate Club Shines in JA Debate Series

NorthGate College’s debating season has kicked off for the academic year 2017/2018. It is notable that debating is a vehicle for the development of research and problem solving skills as it encourages critical thinking. Our two debate teams rose to the challenge for the Junior Achievers Trinidad and Tobago Debate Series. They debated the motion “Be it […]

NGC Expressions: The Hidden 9/10s Concert

At NorthGate College there is such rich life that is experienced on an on-going basis that we relish the opportunity to present a sample to parents and guardians at the end of year concert. While some of the students have natural talent there are many avenues to refine their natural skill through the opportunities presented via the […]

F6 Leadership Forum Visits Parliament

The NGC F6 Leadership Forum class took their first field trip, on Monday, Oct 23rd, 2017.  The Class visited the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Parliament as part of their curriculum for term one. The students of F6, both lower and upper, were given a tour of Parliament and its chambers. Our guide, on this particular […]

French Guiana Visiting Student Contingent

On Tuesday 24th October, 2017, seven students accompanied by two of their teachers visited the NGC campus from French Guiana. The visiting Form 6 students, who are learning English at the Lycée Polyvalent Bertène Juminer traveled to Trinidad and Tobago as part of their language-learning experience. They have also been engaging in e-correspondence with the students of […]

Induction of a New Student Leadership Team

A new academic year has begun and with it came new opportunities for growth and development for the student body. NorthGate College (NGC) continues to fulfill the mandate to raise up leaders and a practical expression of this reality is through the induction of Student Leaders. This is seen as an opportunity to embed within […]

NorthGate College Students Continue the Trend of Excellence

The CXC results for graduating classes of 2017 are out. The results act as irrefutable proof that the NorthGate model of values-based education, which focuses on character development, goes hand in hand with academic success. The students performed commendably at both the CAPE and CSEC levels. The 2017 cohort has continued the trend of solid […]

NorthGate College Students Shine on Graduation Night

Painting the metaphor of NorthGate College as a great, ancient Samaan tree, Ms. Yolande La Pierre, Director of the College, triggered images of stability in times in which many find values are unpredictable and the way forward difficult to discern. This was her charging statement to the graduating class of 2017: “When I see this […]